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“My daughter attends First Steps, she & I love it! The teacher's are great & very helpful. The lesson plans & curriculum are encouraging & promising. The atmosphere is well thought out, and just a beautiful place for children to grow/ develop. Within my daughters first week of attending she already came home with new skills! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in search of quality early childhood education for their children or grandchildren. After all, children are our future!“


Daily Reports

We have upgraded from the old "paper daily sheet". In all of our programs, you will receive an electronic daily sheet for your child. Once you have downloaded our "Tadpoles" app, you can receive daily reports. These daily sheets will have a minimum of 2 pictures of your child's day. These daily sheets contain information about the activities of the group including the link between the activity and the IL learning standard met. All age groups will have a weekly review sheet sent home which again highlight the groups activities as well as the link between the IL learning standard met.


1:14PM – 2:48PM
Breakfast - Milk, Mandarin Oranges, Waffle with maple syrup
Lunch - Steamed White Rice, Broccoli, Pulled Chicken, Milk, Fresh Sliced Apples
PM Snack - Milk, Vanilla Wafers, Raisins
BATHROOM- (potty training child)

arrived at 10:23am
10:30-dry, tried to potty
12:15PM-diaper, Wet, Tried
2:50PM - potty - Wet, Tried
4:22PM - diaper - BM
left at 4:24


Art Time, Learning Time, Science And Discovery

Explored play doh by making impressions in it with assorted tools. IELS: The Arts: Describe or respond to their work or the work of others. Science: Show an awareness of changes that occur in oneself or the environment.

Art Time, Learning Time

Explored play food and dishes. IELS: The Arts: Drama: Begin to appreciate and participate in dramatic activities.

Circle Time, Language, Large Motor, Learning Time, Math, Music And Movement, Science And Discovery

Sang "Good Morning" songs and "Days of the Week" song. Went over the calendar, weather, shapes, colors and numbers. Talked about tools. IELS: Continue a conversation through two or more exchanges. Verbally recite numbers from 1 to 10. Observe and discuss changes in weather and seasons using common vocabulary. Recognize and name common two and three dimensional shapes and describe some of their attributes (e.g. number of sides, straight or curved lines).

Circle Time, Language, Learning Time

Read books out loud. Listened to a "Frozen" CD story and other CD stories too! IELS: Language Arts: Engage in book-sharing experiences with purpose and understanding.

Large Motor, Outdoor Experience

Took a walk inside the center and said good morning to everyone. Talked about what we saw. IELS: Physical Development and Health: Participate in activities that enhance physical fitness. Language: Use language for a variety of purposes. Music: Begin to appreciate and participate in music activities.

Learning Time, Music And Movement

Listened to and moved to "Sticky Bubblegum" CD.

IELS: The Arts: Movement: and dance: Build awareness of, explore, and participate in dance and creative movement activities.

Learning Time, Math

Counted tools. IELS: Mathematics: Connect numbers to quantities they represent using physical models and informal representations.

Learning Time

Explored trains and made tracks. Explored cars and made tape roads. IELS: Physical Development and Health: Engage in active play using gross- and fine-motor skills.

Learning Time, Math

Explored star and bead connectors. Also explored circle puzzles. Sorted them by color and counted them. IELS: Mathematics: Sort, order, compare, and describe objects according to characteristics and attribute(s). Connect numbers to quantities they represent using physical models and informal representations.

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